So I lost Mt. Fuji

Out of pure laziness, I decided to use a blog to document my 3-week trip to Japan. I didn't get nearly enough internet access to be writing at the time. However, here, with the help of freshly developed photographs I can hopefully recapture my day-to-day of Japanese activity, culture and cuisine.

And yes, you will read that one fateful day, we did in fact lose Mt. Fuji.


Day 0: Aeroplane

We had never been on a plane for that long before. It was a novelty, having your own screen, choosing what you wanted to watch. Thank you Virgin Atlantic, you did good. Nirvana on the music, Tetris on the games and Flight of the Conchords on the telly bit. The only improvement would have been The Wire, Series 3, Episode 1, to start me off.

I really enjoyed being on the plane, I almost didn't want to get off, I guess it was partly due to fear of getting to Japan. A lot of people were jealous, it was as though it was expected of me to find all the coolest things and make sure I had the best time ever. I knew I'd have a great time anyway, regardless, but the pressure was on, it was getting to me. I was going far, further than I'd ever been, it had cost more money than I'd ever seen before. I really liked being on that plane. It was so safe, you were allowed to waste time watching shit films and stupid telly because there was nothing else you could do. You're in transit, whatever happens you are progressing because you are in a state of motion, physically going somewhere you could never feel guilty about time, time is completely out of your control. Those 12 hours were total bliss because they were so so far from real life, even further than the holiday itself was.

Day 1: Arrival

It was 9am Japanese time when we got off the plane. It was a brand new day; this was confusing to us. It should have been the night; the last hours of a day dedicated only to sleep and deep philosophical conversations. Thus, after getting off the bus towards Shinjuku, meeting our Aunt, and seeing our home for the next few days, we couldn't help but collapse into a deep sleep. I woke, somewhat disoriented to speak to my worried mother, had some food, but essentially did very little, saw very little and just needed rest.

We chatted to Yoshi in the evening, and were welcomed to Japan with a cup of hot tea with a shot of Brandy thrown in. We were ready to sleep some more, Japan awaits...